Is it not remarkable, having the full council of God’s Word now, that we who are the least disciples of Christ are in a better position to understand revelation than the likes of Daniel and David and Isaiah? Is it not remarkable, that although the angels inhabit the eternal realm alongside the glory of God, Peter tells us they long with a fervent desire to look into and marvel over our salvation? This week in 1st Peter, Peter helps us to recapture a right perspective of our salvation, by borrowing from the perspective of these other divine agents. To the Christian that will pursue the value of their salvation, Peter holds out for you the promise of “a joy inexpressible and full of glory.” And the word he uses in the original language for “inexpressible” means literally “above language; higher than speech.” In other words, there are NO HUMAN WORDS for such a joy. What Peter is telling us, is that God’s ultimate desire for you; literally and figuratively – is to take your breath away! Get your Word on with us and exalt Christ!

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