In this life we have grown up with the understanding that no matter how grand the thrill, it’s only a matter of time before it’ll wear out or wear off and we’ll be bored again.  And so we spend much of our time and energy and money trying to keep things from going stale or breaking down or wearing out.  Not so in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Join us this week as Peter storms forth the unspeakable characteristics of our glorious inheritance to come, made ready and waiting for us under the guardianship of God.  He tells us it is unalterably safe and secure and pure and undefiled and incorruptible and unfading.  Unlike the temporal things of this world, our eternal inheritance will never grow cold or grow old or grow mold.  And what that means is this.  Every single day in Heaven is going to be a fresh new day with God.  Every single day there is going to be a new and wonderful dimension to life.  Every single day there are going to be new joys and wonders that await your discovery.  You will never be bored again, because there is no decay and no corruption and no measure of fading – where everything radiates with the Glory of God!

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