After celebrating the opulence of our future inheritance for 12 verses, Peter finally brings the first command to the table here in 1st Peter, and that command is this: To fix our HOPE completely on the GRACE that is to be revealed to us at the revelation of Jesus Christ. In other words, just as we were saved by grace, just as we are kept and preserved by grace, there is yet MORE GRACE to be revealed at the 2nd coming… NOW IF WE KNOW OURSELVES AT ALL, it’s rather difficult to connect ourselves to the extravagance the Bible describes coming our way in Heaven, isn’t it? That is until Peter reveals in this watershed verse, that this extravagance too is coming by way of GRACE. Walking in FAITH? Sure. Walking in LOVE? Yes. But walking in the HOPE of our inheritance? That’s not something many of us do because it doesn’t feel real to us. And yet, no matter how defeated or unworthy we feel, because of the GRACE of God, we can and should connect ourselves to the reality of this coming extravagance. Walking in Christian hope means we’re to reach out and grab the certainty of this, and bring it back to bear upon our present joy. Get your Word on with us and glut yourself on biblical HOPE!

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