In response to the sovereign glorious work of God in securing for us such a magnificent salvation, Peter now issues the first 2 commands to believers dealing with difficulty, and they are these:  Fix your hope completely upon His grace, and be Holy as He is Holy.  What a wonderful divinely inspired order!  What we find in the Scriptures over and over, is a direct link to the believer’s dialing into God’s grace, and their desire to be Holy.  As a believer becomes increasingly captivated by the infinite worth of His value and the beauty of His glory, there is a grace enabled response on the part of the believer’s heart to pursue Holiness in greater degrees – that they may partake of His divine nature and be made more unto His image.  We don’t pursue holiness in order to get or become something, but rather we pursue Holiness out of a glad-hearted desire to come into the fullness of joy to the glory of His name.  Get your Word on with us and make much of Jesus Christ!