Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your seeking the greatest possible joy and delight is a Non-Christian thing to do, when the object of your joy and delight is Jesus Christ.  Somehow, we’ve bought this idea that we ought to be bringing forth obedience primarily out of a sense of duty.  Now, obedience brought forth out of duty is a good thing; it’s a fine virtue; it’s a responsible thing.  But unfortunately, that’s where a lot of Christians put a real cap; a real ceiling upon their Christian experience. There is more. There is better.  Duty may be a fine place to start, but it’s only a kind of gateway; a kind of bridge to something infinitely better. As you pursue a deep knowledge of Christ in the Word of God, duty begins to give way to delight, and you begin to walk in God’s beautiful design for your life.  Join us in part 2 of our study in 1st John 4, where we discover both the fruit of delighting in God and the evidence of delighting in God, is that we will be delighting in one another.

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