Luke 16:1-13

///Luke 16:1-13

This week in Luke 16, we have a very perplexing story in the parable of the shrewd manager, which Christ then uses to lower the boom and bring forth a stinging indictment against His own blood bought children. He tells us that unbelievers are more resolute and aggressive in pursuing their temporal futures, than believers are in pursuing their eternal futures.  Ouch; that’s one’s gonna’ leave a mark.  What we do with God has given us here and now, will posture the quality and landscape of our eternal experience.  If we haven’t invested wisely in eternity, great news! God is extending us an invitation this week to turn from this blind spot and begin taking our stewardship seriously, that we might bring glory to His name and secure for ourselves a better resurrection.  Get your Word on with us and pay it forward!

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