Jonah 1:1-5

2019-09-17T14:27:48-05:00September 16th, 2019|Jonah|

We launch our new study of the Book of Jonah!  Far from the story of just a prophet and a fish, this is the story of the breathtaking sovereignty of an all-powerful God in moving heaven and earth and history  -  just to go after and rescue one single believer running in [...]

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2 Peter 3:8-18

2019-09-17T14:29:00-05:00September 5th, 2019|2 Peter|

Join us for the riveting conclusion of our study of Second Peter, where we tackle the timing of God as He is working in our lives, confront Peter’s blistering summary of the end of the ages, and then marvel as pastor John gives us a compelling snapshot of the glorious realities that [...]

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2 Peter 3:1-7

2019-09-17T14:29:07-05:00August 28th, 2019|2 Peter|

In part 1 of our 2-part study in Chapter 3, we’re instructed in the base foolishness of those arguments seeking to mock and discredit the return of Christ, while at the same time discovering just how intelligent the Christian faith is. Peter takes an apologetic turn in defending the Creation and the [...]

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2 Peter 2:17-22

2019-09-17T14:29:17-05:00August 19th, 2019|2 Peter|

Peter completes his teaching on false teachers in our final study in Chapter 2.  This week, Peter tells us that these men bring false promises, that they offer a false freedom, that they themselves are false believers, and that they have had a false religious experience, never having experienced the new birth [...]

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2 Peter 2:10-16

2019-09-17T14:29:37-05:00August 12th, 2019|2 Peter|

The Apostle Peter’s torrent of fury against false teachers reaches its zenith in the text this week. And as difficult as this text gets, we must recognize that its author is the Spirit of God Himself; Peter is just the human instrument. What we are discovering here is the furious love of [...]

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2 Peter 2:4-9

2019-09-17T14:29:48-05:00August 7th, 2019|2 Peter|

From ancient to present, one of the cries of the believer has always been “Oh Lord how long?”  As we look around at our world spinning out of control, it’s very easy for us in our limited understanding to question the timetable upon which God operates.  But to the Lord, a day [...]

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2 Peter 2:1-3

2019-09-17T14:29:56-05:00July 29th, 2019|2 Peter|

Peter begins his discourse on the character of false teachers in 2nd Peter 2.  Disguised as the real deal, the enemy plants his false teachers among God’s people in order to gain acceptance and access. They will use our vocabulary, but not our dictionary. They will use our vernacular, but not our [...]

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2 Peter 1:12-21

2019-09-17T14:30:10-05:00July 22nd, 2019|2 Peter|

Peter reminds Christians that the KNOWLEDGE of the truth is no insulation against forgetting, and proceeds to walk us through the critical ministry of REMINDER, that he and his Lord and his apostolic brothers all shared in ministry.  In the context of offering his defense for the divine inspiration of Scripture, Peter [...]

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