Luke 16:14-31

///Luke 16:14-31

Consider the insatiable lust with which a person pursues the things of the world – pride, power, attention, entertainment, all manner of fleshly pleasures. Imagine a human being whose entire life is spent chasing after the desires of the flesh. Ya’ got that in your mind’s eye? Alright. Now imagine taking such a person, stripping them from their physical material body, and placing them in abject nothingness. You now have a person who has spent their entire lives feeding the flesh with all these lusts and passions – and in a breath you utterly remove all means of satisfying those passions. Now what are you gonna’ do? And all of that in a dark place with no doors for millenniums on end. What are we describing? That would be hell. And it certainly doesn’t sound like an endless kegger party to us, but more like a dimension of endless agony. We would do well from time to time to be mindful of just what it is we are being saved from. Get your word on with us, where we’re gonna’ raise hell this week, that we might delight in what Christ has done.

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