Luke 15:11-32

///Luke 15:11-32

Religion says: I obey; therefore, I am accepted.  The Gospel says:  Because I am accepted, therefore I obey. The religious person obeys in order to gain acceptance – the Gospel believing person obeys because they are already accepted.  Two people operating on these 2 very opposite principles will sit right next to each other in church trying to do the very same things  –  for 2 entirely different motives, in 2 entirely different spirits, and with 2 entirely different results.  The religious person is very judgmental of others, while at the same time being very insecure before God because they never know if they’re doing enough. What a horrific way to live. The Gospel believer cries out, “Man just delight in what God has done and who He is, get a taste of His glory, and you will find all other pursuits utterly inferior.”  Get your Word on with us in the most famous story in all the Bible, the story of the Prodigal Son.  An absolute VXV classic you’ll not soon forget.  Come very very hungry.

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