Luke 14

When you and I run into somebody that we don’t care for at the grocery store, what do we do?  Well we turn and head in the other direction and pretend we didn’t see them, don’t we?  And that is the difference between Christ and you and I.  Christ authentically loved those who opposed Him, and like the hound of heaven, He continues to relentlessly hunt down and pursue a person in spite of themselves, and just continues to hold out His grace and His invitation.  This week in Luke Chapter 14, Jesus heads squarely into enemy territory, knowing that among their ranks is a soul that longs to respond.  The entire narrative of the Bible is the story of God delighting in the undelightful, and then using them to change the world.  No person is too far gone, no heart too hard,  no level of apathy too well developed, that the love of Christ is not greater still.  Get your Word on with us this week in a riveting study of the tireless pursuit of Christ!  Yeah, you don’t want to miss this one…

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