Luke 13:18-35

///Luke 13:18-35

With the multitudes so quick to assert that “All roads lead to God” –  we might want to consider agreeing with and then qualifying that statement.  All roads lead to God alright…  One road leads to Him as Savior, and all the other roads lead to Him as Judge.  This week in Luke Chapter 13, Christ issues a stinging exhortation to strive for the narrow gate, and He calls us to agonize in our efforts to contend with those adversaries of the pure truth of the Word of God.  Our churches do no soul a favor when we present the least offensive non-threatening God we can serve up.  A diet of spiritual caffeine and cotton candy doesn’t work.  You’re not awesome.  He is.  And if we don’t pay attention and let the Lion of the Tribe of Judah out of the cage in a hurry, all the church will have on her hands are dehydrated souls in desperate search for the next sugar high.  It’s only a matter of time before you get very sick running that program.  Get your Word on with us and drink deeply of the living water of the Word of God.  This is the year of the Lord.  Selah.

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